Translation Jobs in New York City

Translation Jobs in New York City

The international nature of New York City is one of the reasons that translators are in such high demand.  Experienced, educated translators are extremely likely to find lucrative work in New York City working with companies and organizations interested in attracting international clients.

Education for Translation Jobs in New York City

Professional translation in New York requires a great deal of education. Being a native speaker is not sufficient for most job openings. Your college education should be followed by graduate work. The graduate degree can be in translation or it can be in a specialized field. Your studies should be completed in the language that you are intending to specialize in as a translator. For instance, most legal translation from English into Spanish is done by attorneys who studied law in the Spain, Colombia, or another Spanish-speaking country.

Certification for Translation Jobs in New York City

Certain translation jobs require certification, such as court interpreter in the New York City justice system. Additionally, becoming certified by the American Translators Association is a very important part of becoming a professional translator in New York City. The process involves taking an exam in the language pair you intend to work in. The exam will only certify you in one language at a time and only covers written translation, not interpreting conversations, conferences or court cases.

Experience Required for Translation Jobs in New York City

Successful professional translators usually have 10 years of translation experience before accepting a job as a full-time translator. Inexperienced translators may not be able to maintain the work speed that corporate translation jobs require, and may make too

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