Professional Translation in New York City

Professional translation services in New York City are available for companies and organizations. A professional translation could be done by a single experienced translator who works on a freelance or contract basis for a company in order to complete a single project. Additionally, many companies exist who manage the translation needs of other companies, much like accounting firms or law firms might. These agencies are sometimes called “language service providers” and can offer services in on or two languages or in over 100.

Who needs professional translation in New York?

Many companies in New York need professional translation because New York City has many active languages within the 5 boroughs. Over 125 languages are spoken in New York, and in July 2008, the mayor signed Executive order 120 that mandated that essential public documents and forms must be translated into Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Italian, the city’s most widely spoken non-English languages. This means that demand for professional translation services have been greately increased since that time.

Which New York industries benefit most from professional translation?

The “Silicon Alley,” or internet technology and software industry that is based in New York City has a high level of need for software localization services, or translation of the user interfaces for their products, so they can be used all over the world. The majority of internet users speak a language other than English. Additionally, the video game industry relies on professional translators to assist game producers in creating international versions of best-selling video games.

Additionally, thousands of manufacturers that are based in and around New York City rely on professional translation of their product manuals, sales and marketing materials and other documentation so that they can import raw materials and export their products around the globe.canada goose sale mens

Finally, the financial industry turns to professional translators to assist brokers in financial valuation of foreign companies. Often there is a need for the translation of hundreds or thousands of pages of a company’s financial records, income statements, balance sheets, statements of retained earnings and statements of cash flow. These documents are able to assist a potential investor in making informed and profitable decisions about the companies he or she is considering.

How to locate professional translation in New York City

Professional translation options abound in New York City. It is possible to talk to a bilingual staffing agency, or you can also hire a translation agency to manage your documents. An agency is especially helpful if you have many languages to translate into, or if your current staff isn’t familiar with the languages you are working with.

It is possible to hire a freelance translator for short projects using the American Translators Association database. It is also possible to post a job ad on or any similar employment site, if what you are looking for is a longterm bilingual employee. Note that bilingual employees do not generally perform translation tasks–usually they are hired to interface with non-English speaking clients.canada goose sale mens

If your company needs experienced translators for an upcoming project, you can contact our New York City offices at 800-921-3645.