Translation in New York City

Translation New York Services Agency

New York is home to over 125 spoken languages, and actually under 50% of New York City residents speak only 1 language. Companies and organizations rely on professional translators to access this diverse population of consumers, employees and agencies.

The Translation Department, Inc has served New York City for 30 years and provides translation new york services in over 100 languages to some of the biggest companies in New York. Additionally, we are a preferred provider to the Manhattan and Brooklyn court systems as a supplier of interpreters for legal cases.

TTD has two offices in New York City. Our headquarters is in Manhattan and our IT and marketing department is in Brooklyn. Our offices are open to serve our clients from 9am to 9pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Translation – New York Industries Served


In more than 30 years, our client list is a survey of nearly every industry in New York City.  Our translation new york services for many of our clients who come from the financial sector are used in analysis of foreign companies for the purposes of valuation during mergers and acquisitions as well as stock ratings. We also provide translation services to the top ratings firms on Wall street.


Many of the largest corporate law firms in New York City rely on TTD for language services and translation assistance to assist their clients in domestic and overseas operations.

Health and Medical Industries

Many of the world’s largest medical companies are based in New York, and their translation needs are as vast as the diversity of the city.  Medical related translation is one of the most in-demand fields currently.


Media production companies, including film producers,  commercial and corporate video production companies turns to TTD for voice-overs, subtitles, transcription and translation. Subtitle production is one of the easiest ways to reach a larger audience both here and abroad.

Internet and Web 2.0

New York City is home to some of the largest web platform companies, software production companies and eCommerce sites in the US. Website and software localization is an important part of the process of releasing new products to a global audience.