Professional Translation Services in French

French is the second most spoken language in the world, next to English. With over 300 million speakers all over the world, French serves to be highly important for various purposes; translation services for the said language remains very much in demand regardless of type or format.

Translation services in French are available in three forms, namely: machine, human and professional. Machine translations are best used for translating simple words or phrases, while human translations work well with non-academic or non-technical materials. However, most clients prefer to use professional translations as they finished products tend to be more polished and neutral in terms of language biases; their translated works can also be used for more formal purposes.

Coverage of Professional Translation Services in French

Among the areas touched by professional translation services in French include:

  • Academic translations. Academic translations are that of dissertations, term papers, theses and student proposals. These are essential for foreign students studying in French-speaking colleges and universities, such as that in France and Canada. While they can converse in casual French, papers must be written in proper grammar and structure, which only professional translations can provide.
  • Legal translations. Legal translations are sought mostly be companies that want to seek out to French speaking markets. Individuals who wish to move to French speaking countries for work, study or permanent residency may also have to translate their documents to the said language.
  • Patent translation. Companies who wish to establish their businesses in the France and other French-speaking nations would have to translate their patent files to the language so that they can be recognized and properly protected when it comes to business laws.
  • Website and software translations. Website and software translations are also offered by professional translations, and although they are done in a more conversational approach, they should still conform to given language rules. They also need the right technical expertise so that they can be attached to the projects in which they are intended to be used.

Benefits of Professional Translation Services in French

There are many benefits of professional translation services in French, and these should be utilized by clients. Among these advantages are:

  • Right use of technical knowledge. Professional translations have a complete set of translation tools, from updated dictionaries to knowledge in legal studies and website and software builders. They know which items to use on their projects for faster completion of the projects.
  • Faster timeframes. Professional translation services in French have specific timeframes and deadlines for their projects which satisfy most client requisites. Indeed they ask for a good timetable to finish their projects, but this is essential for them to complete their assignments with accuracy both in language and context.
  • Projects are done by teams. Professional translation services in French are done by teams, and not individuals. This way, projects are translated, proofread and edited with less amount of time. Translation projects are also checked for accuracy before they are actually released for submission.