Spanish Legal Translation

The Spanish legal system follows a distinct format and structure than that in other European countries. However, it shares certain legalities and procedures due to its membership to the European Union. It is also recognized that legal documents for Spanish purposes should be duly translated to the country’s official language, so that these would be properly examined and understood by Spanish law.

Common Documents for Spanish Legal Translation

There are many types of documents that are usually translated to Spanish, and these include:

  • Patent registration
  • Power of attorney
  • Packing list
  • Authorization of agent
  • Commercial certificate
  • Marriage/Divorce/Death certificate
  • Sole distributorship
  • Affidavits
  • Tender Letters
  • Agreement or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Purchase of sale agreement
  • Contracts
  • Commercial agreements
  • Real estate papers
  • Employment papers
  • Medical reports

For translations intended for Spanish-speaking audiences in the Kingdom of Spain, it is important that the translation service provider is knowledgeable with the legal jargon used in the country,canada goose sale mens as well as the prescribed formats for the said papers as they will not be duly recognized if their structures do not adhere to protocol requirements.

Translations for Hispanic Purposes

The requirements for Spanish legal translation meanwhile differ in Latin American countries. Countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay share similar legal documentation formats but have slight variations when compared to Spanish papers.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico follows the same legal system as that of the United States. Hispanics living in the United States only need transliterations of their legal documents, as the American format is retained in these papers.

Translating Contracts

One of the most sensitive projects when it comes to Spanish legal translation is that of contracts and labor law agreements. While this is not much of an issue in the Kingdom of Spain, Hispanic territories are more wary about this topic. This is mainly because of the concern of Hispanic migrants to the United States when it comes to their labor rights.

Through proper translation of contracts, agreements and employment papers, migrant workers from Latin American countries will be able to understand their rights as workers and have a good judgment on whether their compensation is just and fair.

Searching for Spanish Legal Translation Services

When scouting for Spanish legal translation services, canada goose sale mensit is important to know if the service provider is not only knowledgeable of the Spanish legal system, but as well as that of Hispanic countries. Being informed about the legal systems of Spanish-speaking countries helps a lot in tailoring quality legal document translations. Translators who can customize legal documents from English to Hispanic (and not just from English to Iberian Spanish) are able to find more clients due to their flexibility to legal subject matters.

When choosing Spanish legal translators, it is best to select those who have a background in law and jurisprudence, as well as Latin American studies, as they are more capable of understanding the translation requirements and in turn provide better quality results.