Legal Translation Service

Being fluent in another foreign language is just not enough to translate documents from their original English texts. This is because legal translations require the use of appropriate jargon, and only persons with legal expertise are capable of applying such terms to the required documents.

Due to the growing demand for legal translation service, translation providers now have their own roster of translators who are not only masters of different foreign languages, but as well as the legal systems of the countries that use the languages they are fluent in. Through such translators, documents that have to be translated from English are properly furnished, with better accuracy and shorter working time.

Advantages of Legal Translation Service

Legal translation service offer benefits such as:

  • Credible translators. Translators who work on legal documents have their respective backgrounds in legal justice systems, both of that in the United States and the countries they represent (such as France, Italy, Germany, etc.) these translators have the proper understanding of legal and court procedures, and know how to construct drafts that interpret courts of law. Among their credentials include a law degree, longtime legal experience, paralegal certificates, or certification of legal document assistants.
  • Timely delivery of translation work. Since there is a group of translators that work on the legal documents, the processing of the translation project is made faster. Someone is assigned with the legal research, actual translation, proofreading and editing.

Legal Translation Service – Difference of Legal and Simple Translations

There is a huge difference between legal and simple translation work. Simple translation merely offers direct transliterations of papers and documents, and these are sought by students and individuals who have regular paperwork to process. Meanwhile, legal translation has a more complexities which have to be addressed, may the document be a simple waiver or a complete court procedure.

Among the common clients that seek for legal translations on a regular basis are:

  • Lawyers who wish to transact with other legal personnel in certain countries. Lawyers who are assigned to correspond with legal personnel from non-English speaking countries are required to translate their documents to the language of the receiving party. Not only is the context of the documents translated; their formats and structures are also modified in order to be accepted by the receiving end.
  • Online entrepreneurs. Online entrepreneurs who wish to reach out to markets who do not speak English are also inclined to have their legal documents translated accordingly. Through legal translations they are able to establish their businesses with the proper papers and statements, and not get lost in translation if in case they lack other the other requirements as prescribed by law. Small and medium scale entrepreneurs also follow the same attitude towards expanding their markets.

When searching for legal translation services, it is recommended to read through the translation service provider’s credentials, such as certifications and proficiency test scores of their employed personnel. Knowing their credentials not only help in boosting the provider’s reputation, but as well assure clients that they will get accurate, polished legal documents in accordance to prescribed requirements and procedures, and not just basic transliterations.