Legal Translation Costs

The costs of legal translation depend on a variety of factors. For individuals who are looking for legal translation services, it is best to have an idea on how much they cost in order to make a budget estimate when subscribing to the said services.

There are different types of legal translation services. These include basic transliterations from English documents to another language, and these tend to be more affordable than other services. Meanwhile, there is also a special translation service in which documents are transposed to their corresponding formats in accordance to the language to which they are translated.

Legal Translation Costs – Type of Legal Translation Service

There are many kinds of legal translation services as mentioned above. It is important to know the types of translation services offered by translation professionals, so that clients will be able to have their documents properly worked on.

The type of translation service helps determine the overall legal translation costs. There are also certain kinds of legal translation work that are not offered in some translation providers. To those who are looking for specific types of legal translation services, below is a checklist to ask potential service providers:

  • Do they have knowledge in legal documentation formats per country? While most legal documents follow a uniform format, there are also states that have their own set of rules. For example, Luxembourg may be using French as its official language, but it has a distinct structure of writing legal documents, thus the writing structure should be followed alongside the language translation.
  • Who works on the legal translations? Translation service providers should have a roster of translation professionals who are not only masters of the language, but as well have a background in law and jurisprudence of the countries whose languages they represent. This will make the work much easier to handle, not to mention of better quality.
  • Knowledge on the jargon. Different countries have their own legal jargon, and these should as well be followed when translating legal documents. By having the appropriate terms applied on the documents, the more they become understandable to the target readers.

Legal Translation Costs – Price Structure

It is also good to look at the price structures of legal translation services. There are translation services which offer legal translation jobs per word, while there are those that have other conditions for pricing. Short projects tend to be good for a per word basis, but bulk legal documents or more technical translations do best in package deals.


As much as possible, do not work with freelance legal translation providers unless they already have a good reputation in the translation service industry. This is due to their tendency to lack a sufficient background in legal translation, and in turn provide only mere transliterations of legal documents. They also charge higher rates than more professional legal translations and submit work within a longer time-frame.

Working with professional translation services is a more recommended course; companies that offer legal translations provide their respective credentials not only with language fluency, but as well as with adequate legal writing knowledge.