Legal Translation

Translating a document is not an easy task as you have to get it translated either from some self-declared correspondent (freelancer) or from some company that works on industrial standards. Although it is cheaper to get a document translated from a freelancer but it is quite risky.

If you have to go for some legal translation then it is always advisable to choose the second option i.e. you should get them translated from certified professional translators. It is necessary because of the fact that laws are very strict and the decision completely depends upon the subject of the document, if in case the translation is not correct the situation might worse. Usually most of the businesses look for the acclaimed translation companies for their legal translation matters.

In terms of law, what is legal translation?

legal translationTranslating the text as per the legal guidelines is referred to as the legal translation which means interpreting the information in the exact legal way. It is due to this reason that field of study of legal translation is considered very herculean as one needs to be very sound in literary translations as well as skillful in terminology of technical translation. Generally we face the problems in legal translation due to the preciseness of the language as well as the use of the legal terminology in incorrect manner. The legal translations thus involve lots of problems as sometimes the problem can be due to the differences in legal systems.

The legal translation became more popular in the post globalization period after the gush in the international trade. For a good translator the basic necessity is to have the complete knowledge about the country’s legal system civil law. It is always helpful to hire a qualified translator as he can give a genuine advice while filling a case or dealing for some property.

Issues of the legal translation

In case your translated documents are not upto the mark then you may be legally accused of. Therefore mind it that you must go for the legal translation only from a professional translator. The bilingual law dictionaries are usually used by most of the legal translators. The translators are expected to make use of the defined rights and duties while translating the source text.

The following are the three key areas where the legal translators must be efficient enough:

  • Comparative Law — the translator must be skilled in both the source language and the language in which translation is to be done.
  • Specific Terminology — this means that the translator must have the knowledge about the legal terminology of both the languages.
  • Legal writing style — the translator must be proficient in the required legal writing style.

In some cases the translation problems arises due to the use of some legal terms because there are some terms that have some specific meaning in the country-specified legal systems.

The terminologies that are frequently used in legal translations are:

  • International law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law
  • Tax law
  • Property law
  • Insurance law
  • Criminal law
  • Corporations law

Therefore the main duty of legal translator is to interpret the text correctly plus have the proper knowledge of where to apply the legal terminology i.e. the translator must search the proper legal words that suit the country code.

Any kind of businesses or any person can need a legal translation but mostly the law offices and courts need them for any international court cases. In such cases while studying the case the lawyer require the legal translation of the documents. If the document translated by a translator is required to be valid in another country then you need a “sworn translator”.

The country’s government certifies the sworn translator for the sworn translations. While in case of certified translation, the translator is efficient as well as a association member but his translations are not completely legal. In legal translation, the translated document given by sworn translator includes a local civil court seal. Moreover this seal is present on every page of the document.

In businesses there are few documents that are required to be translated in any foreign language and thus they need the legal translation services. But with the expansion of the business the demand for legal translation of the documents also increases. Although the cost of sworn translations is high the risk involved is zero. It is wise to spend more than to regret later due to any legal obligation.