Spanish Translation Countries

One of most widely-used languages next to English is Spanish. This is mainly attributed to the Spanish conquests in their effort to expand their political and economic reach. Spanish is spoken mainly in Spain, as well as in different parts of South America and the United States.

Spanish as a language did not undergo as many changes as that of French or German, as its basic structures have been retained through mass education and its use as the lingua franca of many Central and South American states. At present, this language is used both as the main form of oral and written communication in 21 countries across the globe.

Spanish Translation Countries – Kingdom of Spain

Spain has a population of around 46 million people, making the country second-largest speakers of the language. The people in this country speak Spanish in different dialects, based on their geographic location, although there are only a few variations in terms of vocabulary and grammar between dialects.

Central America

Mexico at the heart of North and South America, and it has served as a longtime colony of Spain during the past few centuries. With a population of 103,000,000, Mexico remains to be the largest Spanish-speaking population at present. Hispanics, as the people in this country are called, use Spanish as their official language and mother tongue. Hispanics in the United States also speak Spanish, and they are found in large communities in Texas, California, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

Other countries in Central America that speak Spanish are Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador.


There are two countries in the Caribbean that speak Spanish, namely Cuba and the Dominican Republic. These countries use Spanish as their official language, although natives also speak Haitian Creole. The people of Puerto Rico also speak Spanish as their mother tongue, although the country is currently an unincorporated territory of the United States.

Spanish Translation Countries – South America

There are nine countries in South America that speak Spanish. These include Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. They make up almost 50 percent of the total Spanish speaking population.


The Equatorial Guinea is a country located in Central Africa. Despite being a small state in terms of territory and population, the people in this country use Spanish as their official language.

Use of Spanish as a Language

Spanish Translation Countries – Spanish is used as the standard language in countries mentioned above; this means the language is used in formal papers and documents, legal files and instruction material. Indeed the people in the former colonies in Central and South America speak Spanish, they have also imbibed certain variations due to their exposure to different languages and dialects present in their respective countries.

When searching for Spanish translation services, it is important that the translation professionals are knowledgeable of the differences of the Spanish language in between countries, such as the use of appropriate vocabulary, tone and grammar. This way translated works will be attuned to the understanding of target audiences and not just be mere transliterations of the original text.