Spanish Translation Costs

The costs of Spanish translation services vary depending on a number of reasons. To those who are planning to have their projects translated to the said language, it is thus important to consider certain pointers in order to get a good cost estimate.

Spanish Translation Costs – Type of Project

Various projects are submitted to professional translation services. Among the most popular projects include:

  • Website content. Website content consists of articles, reviews and landing pages for websites intended to attract the Spanish-speaking market. Due to the lack of specific client requirements, web content translations prove to be affordable on the budget.
  • Academic papers. Student papers such as theses, dissertations and research work are also submitted for translation in order to cater to Spanish-speaking professors or research groups. Scientific papers also fall under this category, and they are usually commissioned in bulk and take time to finish depending on the length of the project.
  • Training and instruction manuals. Training manuals are important because companies reach out to different markets that speak different languages. Training manuals and instruction guides usually contain technical jargon, thus translators would have to conduct extra research about the subject matter first before heading on to the translation work.

Spanish Translation Costs – Per Word or Per Page

Different professional translation companies offer different charges. There are those who provide a standard pricing structure per word for each project. This can be convenient for small translation work, such as website content and short papers.

However, there are also translation service providers that offer bulk prices particularly on larger projects such as academic papers, scientific research, manuals and whole website content. Standard prices may be applied for such work, and these deals come with certain terms, such as fixed deadlines, edits, and proofreading services, depending on the client’s preferences.

Costs of Spanish translation services also vary depending on the language of the original text. Standard rates are given to English to Spanish translations, while higher fees are targeted to other languages such as French or German to be translated to Spanish.

How to Choose Spanish Translation Services

When looking for Spanish translation services, it is important to know how they accept projects. There are companies which accept projects through fax or courier mail, while there are those that only work on projects sent through email or downloadable files.

The quality of translation services must also be given consideration. Professional translation service providers should be able to showcase their roster of translators and their backgrounds in the Spanish language, including certificates and proof of proficiency in the language. This will ensure the client that the submitted works to be translated will be properly furnished and contain accurate literal and contextual translations.

Mode of Payment

Spanish Translation Costs – Most online translation service providers accept payments through credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Nowadays however, they accept payments through online escrow systems for faster processing. Online payment systems prove to be more convenient because of real time accountability, use of standard currency and lower exchange rates and other related fees.