Spanish Patent Translations

Spanish patent translations are a necessity for various businesses who want to reach out the Spanish-speaking market. Patent translations usually cover the legal documentation, construction of forms and creation of the necessary letters of correspondence to the Spanish legal counsel. Through patent translations, online entrepreneurs have their intellectual property rights protected under Spanish law.

Not all professional translation services provide Spanish patent translations. For one, the costs of patent translations and processing can be quite expensive, and patents require the work of a duly recognized lawyer. Patent translations could not be expected from freelance translators; rather, they can be found in more established professional translation services.

 People behind Spanish Patent Translations


Working on patent translations is highly technical, as the product or design to be laid with a patent is new, fresh, and needs properly labeling to the Spanish market. Translation services that deal with patent work include a roster of translators that hold specific backgrounds in certain industry fields. These include accountants, engineers, chemists, pharmacists, physicists, medical doctors and other key industry individuals. Through their expertise, products and services will be given proper patent papers in suited for Spanish law.

Aside from key resource persons per industry, patent translations also require the help of linguists that have a mastery of the Spanish language. They work together with key industry individuals in order to properly translate works for Spanish patents and construct the right forms for the said projects.

Certified Translations

Since patent translations require more accuracy, precision and accordance to Spanish laws, the individuals who handle such jobs are translators duly appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for European Patents. This is important so that non-resident patent applicants would be able to have their product patents processed directly under the right protocol.

Format Ready Translations

Spanish patent translations are subject to follow specific formats and structures as prescribed by Spanish law. Hence patent translators provide an outline of the necessary papers that have to be constructed as well as how the content of the patent should appear on the final draft. It is important that the translation service provider is able to adhere to the requisites of the Spanish Patent Office otherwise the drafts would not be approved for patent processing.

How to Find a Good Spanish Patent Translations Provider

Working on patent papers alone can be very expensive, much more when they have to be translated under the Spanish language and jargon. There are translation services that require processing of whole drafts, but these tend to be more expensive.

Reliable patent translation services meanwhile would spend time to check which papers are necessary for patent processing work. They have the knowledge on different patent requirements per product or industry. Providing clients a list of the necessary drafts and leaving out those that will not be used for patent processing will help save clients good amount of money, and at the same time speed up the translation work. It is thus best to stay away from packaged patent translation offers as these not only offer unnecessary comprehensive work, but as well ridiculously high rates.