Russian Translation Costs

One of the most expensive translation services these days is that of Russian translation. The reasons for the costly rates are obvious: Russian is a language that is difficult to master for native English speakers (and Russian native speakers feel the same way towards the English language), thus translators need to be masters of both tongues in order to perform polished translation services submitted to them.

What makes language translation more expensive than other service is the fact that Russian is written in a different writing system. Instead of only transposing texts from one language to another but still retaining the same writing style, translators would have to write their drafts in a completely different manner. They also have to study Cyrillic and use it for a number of years in order to master its tenets. As for native Russian translators, they are inclined to study the Roman writing system in order to write their translations to English.

Russian Translation Costs – Per Word vs. Per Project

There are translation services that charge on a per word basis, while there are those which follow more standard pricing structures. Per word charging can be difficult to determine due to the differences in words of both English and Russian, and most translators would end up overcharging clients especially when they are not clear with their pricing specifications.

Per project pricing structures meanwhile tend to be more convenient especially for bulk orders such as academic and technical papers, legal documents, websites and software translations. This is because translation providers already have their own fixed rates; they also incorporate a number of services under their packages, such as editing and proofreading, custom format draft construction, etc.

Legal Translations

Russian legal translations work on a different realm as compared to simple translations. In this field, persons who perform the translations are those who have a background in Russian law and justice. These include lawyers, paralegals, and legal researchers who have accumulated some years of work experience in the said field in Russian environments.

Russian legal translations include conversion of birth certificates, passports and licenses from Russian to English and vice versa.

Patent Translations

Russian patent translations are also among the most rigorous services offered by professional Russian translation companies. This is because patent translations follow protocols, timeframes and cover a number of documents, all of which will be used in filing registrations of businesses to be recognized by Russian laws. All documents that will be used for patent filing should be translated to Russian and be placed in accordance to the structures and formats prescribed by Russian law.

Preparing for Russian Translation Costs

Since Russian translation costs tend to be a real investment, it is best to scout for the best translation service provider that offers the most reasonable pricing for their services. It is also recommended to gather all documents that will be subject for translation so that they will be properly examined and given the appropriate price quotes. This way, clients will have an idea on how much exactly to spend for their translation needs.