Russian Patent Translation

One of the most lucrative services in Russian translation services is that of patent translations. Patent translations cover a number of documents, and as well follow certain protocols as prescribed by Russian law. What makes this type of project to be very expensive is that it requires the right people to do the job, such as patent lawyers, legal researchers and established translators who have the background in patent filing procedures.

Benefits of Russian Patent Translation

There are many benefits offered by Russian patent translation services, and these include:

  • Sorting of the papers to be translated. Unlike simple translations which transliterate just about everything submitted to them, professional patent translators make it a point to examine all the given documents and work only on those that are required by the Russian patent office. This helps clients figure out the items that they need (and don’t need), and at the same time it saves them time and money for the translation work.
  • Faster working timeframe. Professional patent translation services work in teams; because of this the working time for the patent documents becomes faster, as the papers are checked, translated and proofread in a more organized manner.
  • Clients are informed about the requisites of Russian patent laws. Clients are also educated about the terms and conditions of patent laws in Russia. Like any other country, Russia has its own set of patent filing terms and regulations that would have to be followed. These include timeframes for translation of documents; applications which failed to provide translated works of the documents after a specific number of months would have their intentions rejected, thus they would have to reapply again.

Russian Patent Translation Format

Russian patent documents are written in a standard format prescribed by the Russian patent office, and the text should be written in Cyrillic. Thus, documents originally written in English should be translated not only in terms of language, but as well as transposed into the recommended writing system.

Patent formats also vary in the different countries that speak Russian. Knowing their patent formats is also important as not all translation works are submitted only to Russia, but as well as in the other neighboring countries that use Russian as their co-official language.

Requisites for Russian Patent Translation

A lot of businesses are looking forward to register their ventures in Russia in order to reach out to the markets of the said country and its neighbors. While it is quite expected that they are going to pay for a hefty sum for the patent documents, it is also important that they should prepare for their patent applications as early as possible. Such preparations include:

  • Researching on the documents needed by the Russian patent office. Clients must be able to compile all the necessary documents that will be needed for translation so that translators would find a good start on the project.
  • Allotting a good budget. Checking price quotes for patent translations give clients an idea on how much to spend on patent projects, thus they get to budget their finances and allot the necessary amount for translation services.