Romanian to English Translation

Romanian to English translation tends to be more challenging than that of English to Romanian translation work. Contrary to popular belief, Romanian to English translations goes through a series of procedures in order to complete. This is because the translators who work on such projects do not always speak in English on a regular basis, and they only use the language during professional work.

Steps in Romanian to English Translation

In most professional translation services, Romanian to English translation procedures takes on the following steps:

  • Reading and analyzing the whole text. The project (in Romanian) is read and examined by the assigned translators in order to learn about its contextual meanings and other related information. This is an important step as it serves as the start of the translation; the people who are going to work on the project will know how to translate the text accordingly and not perform mere transliterations.
  • Contextual translation. After the analysis phase, translators will proceed to the actual translation. This includes writing drafts into the English language, all of which contain both literal and contextual translations of the original text. This can be difficult as not all translations spawn directly out of the original text, and meanings are usually altered when they are translated in accordance to the English grammar.
  • Editing and proofreading. Once the draft is completed, the translated text will go through a series of editing and proofreading procedures to ensure that the project follows the right grammar and sentence structures of the English language, and as well carry the right styles and formats depending on the type of paper in which they are translated to.

Romanian to English Translation Timeframes

The normal timeframe of Romanian to English Translations ranges from 3 to 5 days, depending on the type and length of the project. Short papers may take up to three days, while longer projects such as academic papers may have to take a week to translate.

Requisites for Professional Romanian to English Translators

Romanian to English translators must have a mastery of both languages especially in written form. Native Romanian speakers who work as translators should have a background in English studies, or are fluent in English. They must also have credentials in certain academic fields, so that they will be able to translate certain projects faster. Most of all, they should be able to speak English in at least in formal tones, so that they will be able to transpose Romanian documents to English with a rather neutral form and style.

Romanian to English patent translators must be knowledgeable with the patent laws set by the U.S. government in order to translate patent papers properly and accordingly. This type of translation service tends to be highly complicated, thus it has to be dealt with by only professionals who are expert in the field.

Romanian to English legal translators meanwhile should be knowledgeable in both Romanian and American legal paperwork. This is essential as they will be dealing with registration forms, census certificates and many other papers necessary for migration and citizenship, business establishment, and other legal purposes.