Romanian Language Translation

Romanian language translation is not actually among the most common translation services offered today, but its demand is constantly increasing due to its wide variety of purposes. A lot of individuals and business firms find it a good move to seek Romanian language translation services, as having their documents and other projects translated to the language will be of great help in expanding their markets, ventures, and other intentions in Romanian-speaking countries.

Romanian Language Translation - Countries that Speak Romanian

There are about four countries that use Romanian as their mother tongue. It is the official language in Romania, and is a co-official language in Moldova and Serbia. It is also a recognized minority language in Ukraine.

The Romanian language is also spoken by communities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Canada, Israel, Russia, Portugal, and the United States. It is as well spoken in some communities in the northern part of Greece.

Roman Language Translation Process

When translating texts from English to Romanian, translators not only perform the usual contextual shifts from the original language used to Romanian form. They also use a different writing system for Romanian translations, depending on the country in which the translated project will be sent.

The Romanian language can be written in two forms, Cyrillic and Latin. Cyrillic serves as the traditional form of writing Romanian texts, and it is used in certain documents and as well as church papers. Meanwhile, the Latin script is used for more modern documents, such as legal papers, forms and government items. The Latin Romanian writing system is similar to that of the regular writing system used for English, aside from certain distinct characters dedicated for the Romanian alphabet. These characters represent certain tonal definitions, and they are essential in forming the meaning of words in the Romanian vocabulary.

Importance of Romanian Language Translation

There are a lot of people who find it important to have their documents translated to Romanian. These include:

  • Foreigners living or planning to live in Romania. Foreigners who usually seek for translations are those who are studying in Romanian universities as exchange students, expats who are currently assigned in the headquarters of their respective offices in Romania, as well as researchers doing projects in the country. Since they are not native speakers of the language, they will require professional help especially when it comes to formal papers and documents.
  • Business firms.  Business firms also need to have some of their products and brands, papers and other modules translated to Romanian especially when they are targeting countries that speak the language to serve as their consumer headquarters.

Romanian Language Translation Requirements

When looking for Romanian language translations, it is important to work with services that house professional translators of the language. These may not necessarily involve native speakers, but it is best to do business with those who are reputed to have mastered the language, as they are capable of creating drafts which are accurate and in accordance to the essence of the original text once these are translated to the Romanian language.