English to Romanian Translation

English to Romanian Translation services are growing to be more common these days, as there are a lot of individuals and business firms looking for professional translators that touch on the said language. Romanian can be a difficult language to master due to its mingling of both Romance and Slavonic linguistics, thus there might be more time required to complete projects in order to ensure their quality and accuracy.

English to Romanian Translation - Types of Translation

There are different types of Romanian translation services, such as:

  • Academic paper translation. Academic papers, such as theses, dissertations, proposals and research papers are sometimes required for translation especially when they are going to be submitted to academic institutions that use Romanian as their main language. Foreign exchange students are usually required to have their papers translated to Romanian in order to be used by their respective colleges or universities. The same goes with technical research work conducted by foreign specialists for Romanian firms and establishments.
  • Patents. Business firms who want to localize their trade or products in Romania and other countries that speak the language are required to apply for patents. In this case they should have the necessary documents for patent registration translated to Romanian in order to be recognized and validated by the government.
  • Websites. Online businesses meanwhile who wish to expand their markets find it a good investment to have their websites available in the Romanian language, and they can do so by hiring translators to replicate their web pages. This can be a rigorous project due to its technical requisites, but it helps a lot in making their brands more accessible to their chosen markets.
  • Software and firmware. Software programs are usually hard to use especially by people who don’t speak English. By making these programs available in languages such as Romanian, users will find it more convenient to utilize the functions of such software products and be more convinced to purchase them.

English to Romanian Translation Timeframe

Unlike other translations such as English to French, Italian or German, working on documents for Romanian translation may take a longer time. This is mainly because of the differences in writing systems; Romanian texts use extra characters and symbols for some of their words, and there are also certain documents that have to be written in Cyrillic in order to be understood by their target audiences.


English to Romanian Translation Costs

The costs of English to Romanian translation vary depending on the type of project submitted and the pricing structures of the company in which the project was given. It is thus important to check out the prices structures, package inclusions and coverage of the services provided by prospective translation services in order to see if the rates are reasonable or not.

Learning about the background of the translation professionals also helps in determining reasonable price structures of English to Romanian translations. By working with professional translators, customers are assured of high quality translation projects which contain accurate meanings from the original text. Projects done by professional translators are also done in specific timeframes and standard protocol procedures.