Portuguese Translation Costs

Having documents submitted for Portuguese Translation Costs relatively the same as that in Spanish, French and Italian. There are different pricing structures that are applied on Portuguese translation projects, thus it is best for clients to get to know these standards so they can have a good estimate on how much budget to allot for their orders.

Portuguese is a language that shares some similarities to other Romance languages, including vocabulary words and grammar styles. However, it carries the distinction of having its own spelling and pronunciation not followed by neighboring countries, and its dialects tend to affect its written documents depending on how they are formed.

Portuguese Translation Costs - Per Word vs. Per Project

There are translators who provide rates per word for Portuguese translation projects, including short papers, articles and some web content. This can be convenient for individuals or firms that need only short-term work.

At the same time, there are translation services that follow bulk rate standards depending on the type of project they will work on. These pricing structures are more ideal for bigger projects, such as ongoing translations of formal and legal documents, software translations and website translations.

Portuguese Translation Costs - Legal Documents

Translating legal documents to Portuguese tend to be more expensive than simple translations. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Legal documents have their own styling formats. Styling formats can only be properly written by individuals who have a background in legal work or studies. Simple translations may distort the essence of the papers when their required styling formats are not met.
  • Legal documents have their own terms and jargon. There are appropriate legal terminologies used in Portuguese legal documents, and these should as well be met.

How to Find Quality Portuguese Translation Services

It can be a bit difficult to locate professional translation services, as most of the common providers are those who are only speak the language as their mother tongue. When scouting for professional Portuguese translation services, it is best to check out these considerations:

  • Number of years of the company in the translation industry. How many years is the translation service provider been working on Portuguese translation projects? The number of years in the industry indicates the provider’s ability to provide quality work and satisfying customer service.
  • Background of the translators. Professional translation service providers have a profile of their translation professionals. These profile pages contain their fluency in the language, their field of expertise, and their accredited works. These details are important as they gauge the knowledge of the translator when it comes to using Portuguese in practical purposes.

It is also a must to work with professional translation providers when it comes to translating documents to Portuguese, as they have a more organized team to work on the project orders. There are translators assigned with projects based on their field of expertise, as well as a group of proofreaders to make sure that finished products are clean and polished. Professional translation services also tend to be more practical, as orders are paid on a per-project basis and not per number of words or hours rendered.