Portuguese Software Translation

Translating the mode of instruction for software programs has grown to be essential these days. This is because software development companies find it necessary to reach out to subscribers who do not speak or use English as their mode of language. Thus, providing multi-language options such as that in Portuguese should be implemented on software programs of different sorts.

Portuguese Software Translation can be quite costly, as translators not only touch on the content of the program but at the same time apply special software modification techniques in order to make translations possible. Software translations also prove to be a good investment, as companies get back their overhead expenses in a shorter period of time.

Benefits of Portuguese Software Translation

Among the benefits of Portuguese software translation services include:

  • Better understanding between developers and end-users. What makes a software program or product successful is the feedback coming from clients. End-users are only able to provide reviews or feedback when they understand the language used on the program, and Portuguese speakers will not be able to do such undertaking when the programs they use are only available in English. By having the option to switch languages, they not only get to enjoy the software programs they have purchased, but at the same time give feedback for improvements that hold useful for the developers.
  • Introduce new innovations to Portuguese-speaking markets. There are around 193 million Portuguese speakers across the globe, and more than 50% of them use the internet on a daily basis. Given these figures, software development businesses would find them a great opportunity to introduce their respective businesses, particularly their software products.
  • Make products more useful to Portuguese speakers. in most cases Portuguese speaking individuals who are into using software products would have to make do with the limited English words they are familiar with, thus they find it difficult to use such products. With Portuguese translations available for them to use, they get to enjoy these products with much ease and better precision.

Services included in Portuguese Software Translation

Portuguese software translation services include:

  • Translation of all pages of instruction. The whole content of the software program will be translated into Portuguese, from the opening lines, terms of agreement, and all parts and chapters.
  • Application of proper program modifications to insert the translated instructions. Translation services will also provide backdoor operations in order to set up the Portuguese translated pages while at the same time maintaining the functions of the program. These include setting up function buttons for multi-language instructions.
  • Patent translation. The patents of the program are also translated to Portuguese, including the legal documents that go with the software so that they can be used without problems on Portuguese laws and intellectual property rights laws.

When providing Portuguese software translation services, it is important that the chosen translators have a background not only in the Portuguese language, but as well as expertise in software development. This is to make sure that the program will continue to run smoothly after applying the necessary modifications.