Portuguese Patent Translation

Among the most in demand translation services for the Portuguese language is that of patent translation. Entrepreneurs and firms make use of patents in order to register their business in various countries, including Portugal. When setting up businesses in the country, these people are required to have their documents properly translated not only in terms of the language itself, but also in accordance to the prescribed protocols and styles of the country in which they will be submitted.

There are a lot of translation service providers these days that offer Portuguese patent translation. This because of the demand of clients for their papers to be eligible for filing, litigation and other purposes as required by law. By finding a high quality Portuguese patent translation service, accurate translations of the documents and forms will be furnished and submitted on time.

Requisites of Portuguese Patent Translation

Portuguese Patent Translation should be able to provide the following services:

  • European and patents, utility models and trademarks
  • PCT patents for the purpose of national phase filing in Portugal
  • Specific patent services for Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola and Brazil
  • Patent drawing translations
  • Patent translation for litigation
  • Patent translation for information
  • Certified translation services

Professional translation services analyze the given patent projects first and determine which items are only required by the Portuguese Patent Office. This helps a lot as not only is the project finished faster; unnecessary expenditures are cut from the project.

When it comes to patent translations, most professional translation service providers make it a point to give a free quote to clients so that they can have an estimate on how much to spend for the patent translation project. This is essential especially for firms that are just starting out, as they get to speed up the process the establishing their businesses in these markets.

Portuguese Patent Translation - Patent Translation Timeframe

In Portugal, patent translation should be furnished within three months of its issue for to be validated by the Portuguese Patent Office. Granted patents will be valid for use for 20 years from the filing date.

The calculation of back taxes has been removed from the country rules for Portugal, as a new industrial property code has been implemented for it to conform to the norms set by the European Union.

It is also important for professional translation service providers to know the target date on which the patent should appear. This is because when the patent goes beyond its timeframe, it will lose its pending validation status and may be subject for reprocessing. There are also a lot of patents in line for approval at the Portugal Patent Office; giving a specific date will help speed up the translation work of the patent so that it will be given proper recognition at the soonest possible time.

Benefits of Patent Translation Services

Patent translation services tend to be more convenient than hiring in-house translators for the job. With professional patent translations, documents are translated accordingly to the terms of the Portuguese Patent Office. Such projects are also handled by professional translators who are knowledgeable not only with the language but with the system of patent processing in the country.