Greek Website Translation

One translation service that is becoming highly popular today is that of Greek website translations. Although there is a growing number of native Greek speakers who are learning to use English as their primary mode of communication, it is still best to have websites available in the Greek language in order to reach out to native speaking markets. This way, online companies are able to localize their business and settle on a more stable market base rather than competing with others that also target English-speaking users.

Benefits of Greek Website Translation

There are many benefits of Greek website translation services, and these include:

  • Localized business. Online businesses and product brands are localized to cater to the Greek-speaking markets. This way, entrepreneurs would no longer compete with others who thrive in the same niche or industry, as they already have an audience that will maintain their venture alive.
  • Regional availability. There are different regions in the Mediterranean that speak Greek. This not only includes Greece, but also Cyprus, Turkey, Albania, Romania and Ukraine. The people who speak the language in these communities become more capable of interacting online through translated websites, thus fostering greater ROI at a shorter period of time.

Requisites of Greek Website Translation

The persons who work on Greek website translation should possess a different background of expertise. They should not only be fluent in both English and Greek, but as well as have the knowledge in SEO, SEM, and website development. Translation work in this field usually requires embedding of new pages that correspond with the original English text.

Greek website translators should at least have a background in information technology, computer science, software engineering or SEO and SEM techniques, as they are also subject to gear the translated pages to local audiences as well.

Costs and Timeframes

The costs for Greek Website Translation vary per company. It is thus important to get quotes from different website translation providers in order to see their prices and the corresponding services included in their packages. There are some website translations that only offer direct translations, thus they tend to be cheaper. However, greater costs may be found in the creation of new web pages in which the translated text will be placed, as this will be a separate service. Getting website translation services that include webpage creation must be preferred. The prices for these packages may be more expensive, but they are as well convenient.

The timeframe for Greek website translation work usually takes up to two weeks, depending on the number of pages to be translated, the articles included in every page, and the type of translation service to be done on the website.

When working on Greek website translations, clients should submit their website file kits so that the translators would be able to place the necessary appendages and modifications on the site’s structure. This will help in speeding up the translation process as the finished work comprises of new web pages that are ready to use and comply with the site’s structures, formats and other requirements.