Greek Translation Professionals

One of the best ways to get accurate Greek translation services is by working with translation professionals. Most of them work in teams and groups, and are experts in specific fields. Through such working strategies, clients are assured that their projects are handled accordingly and translated properly.

Where to Find Greek Translation Professionals

Most Greek translation professionals are found in reputable translation service providers, although there are those who work in standalone businesses and offer only specific services. When it comes to translation service companies, clients must see what kind of services they offer. The wider the scope offered by these providers, they more reliable they are in terms of translation services.

Among the common translation assignments offered by Greek translation professionals include:

  • Academic translations
  • Website translations
  • Patent translations
  • Legal translations
  • Software translations
  • Technical translations

Profiles of Greek Translation Professionals

Another thing to check when looking for Greek translation professionals is their background profiles. This is important as clients will be able to know the kind of service such translators offer, and how high are their capabilities when it comes to providing accurate translation work.

Professional translators should be able to work on English to Greek translations and vice versa. For non-native Greek speakers, they must have a degree in Greek studies and have been using the language for practical purposes for a number of years. Native Greek speakers meanwhile should have a background in the English language, such as studying in an English-speaking country for a number of years.

Greek Translation Professionals must also be knowledgeable in a specific field of study. Those who work on legal translations must be knowledgeable in both English and Greek legal systems so that they can work on specific writing styles and formats without reducing the essence of the original text. They should have a degree in law or legal justice, or have worked as paralegals, legal researchers or even attorneys for quite some time.

Greek translation professionals who work on business papers must have a degree in business or economics. This is important as they need to possess proper understanding of business systems especially in Greece, including the jargon used in such papers.

As for training manuals, translation professionals must be able to write in conversational Greek, as their target audiences are common Greek speakers and not those from the academe. They should be able to write clear instructions so that users will be able to follow such directions accordingly.

Translation Costs and Timeframes

Greek translation costs vary per project, and they take up to 7 to 10 days depending on the type of assignment given by the client. Legal papers usually take the most time, as papers are required to be certified and notarized, and these should be sent through courier delivery. Other papers meanwhile, such as academic papers, business papers and simple translations may take a shorter time to finish, and are usually sent through email attachments. Website and software translations on the other hand are embedded on the original product platforms so that they will be ready for use once completed.