Greek Translation Countries

One of the oldest languages that have taken a big role in shaping world history is Greek. The Greek language has been used as the mother tongue of most of the Mediterranean, and it was used to write philosophical teachings, historical documents, and even the Bible long before English became the universal language. The language has also been essential in English etymology, as there are a lot of words currently used in the English language that originated from Greek.

While the Greek language was not able to spread across the globe the way English did, it has maintained its scope over the Mediterranean region. At the same time it is considered to be a minority language in other countries outside the region, thanks to the migrant settlers and communities that have established their groups in such places.

Greek Translation Countries - Greece

The Greek language holds official status in Greece, where it originated. The Greeks read and write the language using its own writing system, although the Latin alphabet is used by Greek Catholics and in the areas under the Venetian rule. The different Greek dialects are recognized in the country, as its respective regions have their own measures on how to use the language especially through oral communication.

Greek Translation Countries - Cyprus

Another country that uses Greek as its official language is Cyprus. An island in the east of Greece and south of Turkey, the Cyprus has been using the language as its lingua franca. Due to its proximity to Greece, Cyprus was able to adopt many of the basic tenets of Greek language and grammar, although it has developed its own distinctions from the language as well.

Greek as a Minority Language

There are also countries that use Greek as a minority language, and this is due to the recognized communities formed by immigrant settlers from Greece and Cyprus. These include the United States, Albania, France, Australia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Armenia, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine.

Importance in History

Greek Translation Countries - The Greek language has been used throughout ancient history to depict various teachings and philosophies. Ancient philosophers whose works continue to be used in present lessons include Plato, Aristotle, Pliny, Pythagoras, etc.

The New Testament of the Holy Bible was also originally written in Greek. This is due to the language used in the places in which the apostles visited to spread the word of God. The early writings of the New Testament were first found written in the said language, while the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.

Greek Translation Services

Greek translation services prove to be highly important as Greece not only uses a different language, but as well as a distinct writing system. Legal forms would have to be translated from English to Greek and vice versa whenever necessary. Greek migrants in the United States tend to use such services, as well as those who want to establish their businesses in the country.

Also, aspiring online entrepreneurs who want to find new markets may find translating their works to Greek useful, as through this they will be able to establish their businesses in countries such as Greece and Cyprus.