Greek Translation Costs

Greek translation services, whether English to Greek or vice versa, are constantly sought by various clients, particularly those who want to establish themselves or their businesses to areas that use either or both languages. Thus, for individuals looking for such services, it is important to check out the different pricing costs and structures of translation work, so that they can have a good budget without going overboard their finances.

Greek translation proves to be easy as that of French or Italian, although it has distinct grammar structures which have to be followed imminently. What makes this kind of translation service relatively more expensive is the fact that only selected companies offer Greek translation work.

Greek Translation Costs - Types of Greek Translation Services

Most of the common Greek translation services offered today by professional translation providers are:

  • Legal translations. These include birth certificates, contracts, etc.
  • Patent translations. Patent translations include working on documents used to register a business in Greece, including format and style translations, certifications and notarizations by attorneys licensed in Greece.
  • Website translations. Website translations are mostly used to localize an online business in order to reach out to Greek-speaking markets.
  • Software translations. Software translations are intended for software and firmware products so that they can be used efficiently by Greek-speaking subscribers.

Greek Translation Costs - Greek Translation Timeframes

One of the things that have to be understood by clients is that translations for the Greek language really take adequate time. This is not only due to the direct process of translation, but also for the transposition of the text from one writing system to another. Greek to English translations prove to take shorter timeframes, while English to Greek translation services ask for more time as the translation professionals would have to use the appropriate writing system for the translated text.

The required styles and formats are also given importance, especially for legal documents and papers. Timeframes for simple translations take up to 5 days to complete, while legal papers may take up to 7 days, including certification and notarization.

Pricing Structures

Greek Translation Costs - There are different pricing structures used for Greek translation services. Simple translations are usually charged on a per-word basis. However, most professional translation companies prefer using standards of charging costs in order to accommodate bigger work assignments as well as provide better quality translations for their clients.

There are different pricing structures for each type of document or project. It is important to check out the services covered by the given packages in order to see if their costs are worth paying for or not. It is also encouraged to compare quotes from different translation service providers in order to have a good selection of prices for a given project.

It is best to rely on professional translation services than that of simple translators. This is because projects are handled by teams in which the processes are checked, edited and proofread before given to the clients. Through such services customers are assured that they are provided with high quality, accurate translations and not mere direct transliterations.