Greek Software Translation

Greek Software Translation is not as common as other translation services, but it holds equal importance especially when it comes to products used by people who rely on various electronic devices for their daily activities. Software products not only cover that of computers, but as well as in other gadgets such as gaming consoles, mobile phones, media players and products used for commercial and industrial purposes.

There are over 13 million speakers of the Greek language, and they are distributed mainly in the Mediterranean region. More than half of the total speakers of the language use mobile phones, gadgets, gaming consoles and computers on a daily basis. Through translations, they will be able to use the features of these programs completely and efficiently.

Uses of Greek Software Translation

There are many uses of Greek software translation, and these include:

  • Computer software instructions. Most of the programs used for computers are in English. While Greece and Cyprus have a growing number of English speaking populations, they still use their mother tongue as their main form of instruction.
  • Mobile phone firmware. Like computer software programs, firmware programs found in mobile phones are available mainly in English (or Italian, French and Spanish). By having such programs available in Greek, more users will be able to enjoy their features to the fullest. The same thing goes with gaming consoles and media players.

Greek Software Translation - Greek Software Translators

Greek translators that work on software projects possess a different background as that of regular translators. They should only be knowledgeable in English and Greek, but as well have the technical expertise in handling software development projects. Translation professionals must know how to use the different tools for software translation, and as well the backdoor processes in which they can embed the translated pages into the programs they work on.

Among the tools used for software translation include Java, VB, XML, ASP, C/C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, Oracle, and other related tools. Documentation programs meanwhile are that of InDesign, Microsoft Word,  QuarkXpress, Illustrator and FrameMaker.

Greek software translators must have a background in software development and engineering, computer science, or information technology in order to be qualified for such work. They must also be knowledgeable in conversational Greek, so that they can write translations in a light, understandable manner.

Costs and Timeframe

The timeframe for Greek software translations usually take up to two weeks, as translators would have to use a different writing system in order to accommodate Greek instructions for local use. Translations also undergo rigid proofreading and editing checks to see if the translation has complied with the necessary grammar rules, conversational tones and content accuracy.

Costs for Greek software translations differ per company. It is thus best to compare quotes from different providers in order to see which packages are worth their price. It might also be helpful to check the background of the software translators as well as their list of credentials or reputation in the translation service industry in order to get the best services possible.