Greek Patent Translation

Greek Patent Translation is highly common not only for foreigners who wish to establish their business in Greece, but as well as for native individuals who want to set up their own ventures but are not familiar with patent validations. Greek patent translations thus cover a majority in the patent filing processes required in Greece, making things easier for clients to handle.

Greek Patent Translation - Rules for Greek Patent Validation

Individuals who have filed for patents in Greece have three months to process their patent translation. When submitting patent requirements, all papers should be in their translated Greek form and their original English form, so that the patent will be recognized by both the Greek government and the European Union.

Translation services for patents should be certified by a Greek legal practitioner or by a recognized authority empowered to do such certifications, such as the Translation Department of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any Greek Consulate abroad.

Complete patent specifications should be translated in Greek for provisional protection. After the grant, the translation of the patent specification must also be submitted.

Greek Patent Translation - Patent Translation Services

The translation professionals that touch on Greek patent translation are usually different from those who perform legal translations. This is mainly due to the complexity of the subject and the necessity to follow the stringent rules set by both the Greek patent office and the European Union.

Greek translation professionals who are assigned with patent translations should be possess a degree in business, foreign service, or business law in Greece, so that they will be able to work on patent translations properly and accordingly. They may also be assisted by direct translators who are experts in English whenever necessary.

Patent translation services must also include notarizations, thus translation professionals must include attorneys who can certify that the translation is accurate and in accordance to existing patent laws. It may take a longer time to process translation certifications when submitted to consular offices or the Translation Department of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the high volume of patents for validation.

Patent Translation Timeframes

Patent translation timeframes vary depending on the number of documents to be submitted for translation. The common timeframe for patent translations is between 7 and 10 days, including delivery. Translation service providers also make it a point to sort the documents that will be used for patent translation, so that the translation work will be done faster. Charges also tend to be lower as only the necessary papers will processed.

Patent Translation Costs

Patent translation costs tend to be more expensive as compared to regular translations. This is quite understandable due to the number of processes the whole translation goes through. There is a separate fee for certification or notarization, although patent translation packages available today now include these in their overall costs.

When looking for Greek patent translations, it is important to check out those that offer complete services (unless the client has specific requests for the project), as these tend to be cheaper than that of separate translation and certification work.