German Translation Professionals

Looking for German Translation Professionals can be very difficult especially when roaming across the internet. This is mainly because most of the online businesses that offer German translations are held by individuals who only speak the language fluently; unlike other languages, translating works to German requires not only fluency but the ability to write the language in its standard form. Majority of German documents and written communication materials are done in Standard German, unless the client requests for a particular dialect.

What to Look for in German Translation Professionals

To those who are looking for professional German translation services, below is a checklist that can be used. Through these pointers, clients will be able to make a better choice of translation service provider and enjoy the value of what they paid for.

  • Years in service. How long has the service provider been in the industry? Seeking the services of longtime translation professionals may be quite an advantage, as they are already well-versed with the translation services industry. They already know the basics of translating documents into the German language, and how to deal with specific client requests and timeframe constraints.
  • How do they accept projects? There are companies that accept projects only through email attachments. However, it is best to find translation service providers that are willing to work on projects that will be sent as hard copies through fax or courier mail as well, especially when the items to be worked have special value.
  • Number of German translators. There are translation service providers that have four to five in-house German translation professionals. This is important as these translators can work together on the projects assigned to them, not only with the translation itself but as well as in proofreading and editing. These translators should have a mastery of the German language through years of study in college, and must provide proof of certification of fluency on their profile pages, or some of the highlights of their featured translated work.
  • Background of translators. Translators who work for general translation service companies should also have specific educational backgrounds or expertise aside from the mastery of the German language. This is for them to be more capable of handling specific projects at a faster timeframe and not spend more days on research. This can be a backlog as translators with no specific background of study may lag on deadlines and submit poor quality translations due to their lack of knowledge at the given subject background.

Rates of German Translation Professionals

Apart from quality and timeframe checks, it is also important to take a look at the pricing structures of German translation professionals. Having a standard pricing structure helps in providing a good estimate on how much a document translation service costs. Charging per word may be good for some clients, while others would find it more beneficial to pay by the bulk especially when the documents to be translated are that of study guides, research work, scientific papers and legal forms.