German Translation Countries

One of the most popular language to which documents and communication materials are translated is German. It is the official language of Germany and at the same time in neighboring countries across Europe, some parts of Latin America. Because of its widespread use, a lot of individuals request for professional translation services in order to reach out German audiences not just for basic communication, but as well as for business, scientific inquiry and academic purposes.

German Translation Countries - Germany

Around 30 percent of the people who speak the German language in all forms are those in Germany. Despite comprising only a small percentage, the people in this country use the language in its standard form, and they have served as the basis of all other language users. Native Germans follow two distinct dialects of the language, High German and Low German.





German Translation Countries - Austria

Austria is another country that uses German as its official language. This is not only due to the country’s geographic proximity to Germany, but as well as its cultural and historical backgrounds. Even if Austria is already an independent state, it still follows Standard German as its official language and mother tongue.


Another neighboring country that speaks German is Liechtenstein. Despite being one of the smallest states in the world, Lichtenstein comprises of 10 percent of the total German speakers today. The country also uses the language in all legal documents, official government forms, etc.

Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland

Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland are small states along the French Riviera that share German one of their official languages. Luxembourg and Belgium also use French as their co-official language, while Switzerland has French and Italian alongside German. There are slight differences when it comes to grammar structure and vocabulary when it comes to using German in these countries, thus Standard German is used by most professional translators.

Minority Language

German Translation Countries - German is also recognized as a minority language in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and these communities comprise a greater percentage of all speakers of the language. There are also minor communities in Latin America that speak German, although their use of the language has already been altered due to exposure to other language groups, such as English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Among the countries in Central Europe that use German as a minority language include Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and the Vatican City. Meanwhile, German remains as the national language of the state of Namibia in Africa, and a minority language in Kazakhstan.

Professional Translation in German

Professional translation services usually adapt the Standard or Modern German dialect due to its neutrality and compatibility to be understood by all German-speaking regions. Formal documents however use High German because of its formality in sentence structure and its use in communication between monarchic families.

Hence, when seeking professional translation services to the German language, it is best to be specific at which dialect to be used on the project; this way, translators will be able to gear their translations for the right audiences.