German Translation

German is not only the official language of Germany, the largest and richest country in Europe, but it is spoken by nearly 100 million people worldwide, making it a popular translation language.

German-English Translation

German to English translation and English to German translation are some of the most common translation requests that are ordered.

German Translation Countries

If you are ordering translation for export to Austria, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Switzerland or various other countries, German is an important choice.

German Translation Dialects

Brandenberg Gate | German Translation

Americans may be familiar with Pennsylvania Dutch, which is a derivative version of the German language spoken in parts of Pennsylvania. However, this isn’t the only specialized version of German. There exists both high and low German, spoken around the world, and several dialects in South America carried there by German immigrants.

German Translation Costs

German translation is one of the more common translation options for companies, which helps to keep the cost down. The prices will vary based on the topic of the text, as well as the complexity of the language.

German Translation Professionals

What to look for in a professional German translator.  Talent, experience and specialization all play a part in selecting the right staff for your document translation. Native speakers of German can be found around the world and you may be able to hire someone in your city, or a company with offices around the world.