French Translation Professionals

French translation professionals are becoming more common thanks to the need of francophone speakers for various purposes. French speakers, either native or acquired the language through years of practice, have become useful in today’s industries due to increased global relations particularly on the internet.

When seeking translation services from English to French, it is a must rely on the skills of a qualified French translation professional. Only a few companies offer translation services from actual professional speakers, as they have a larger work scope, and are guaranteed to provide higher quality finished products.

Benefits of Hiring French Translation Professionals

Working with French translation professionals offer various benefits such as:

  • Faster working time. Professional speakers are able to distinguish different types of documents and how they should be translated without losing their gist and essence. Because of this, they are able to come up with faster translation services as compared to regular speakers who have to take more time for research and check for grammar errors and other mistakes.
  • Wider vocabulary range. Since professional speakers are considered to be experts in the French language, they are also expected to provide translations with the appropriate vocabulary words and gender classifications.
  • More accurate work translations. French translation professionals are able to provide up to 90% accuracy of translated works from English to French. This is quite important as the value of the subject is retained and not heavily altered as compared to regular services in which works are given mere transliterations.
  • Geared towards the audiences. One defining line between regular and professional translators is the direction towards the audience or readers. With professional translators, readers would be able to feel that the text they are reading is written on a firsthand basis, and not through rather mechanical translations. This feature makes the documents look cleaner and more interesting to read.

How to Select French Translation Professionals

When searching for French translation professionals, it is important to check their company profile first. Reputable companies have their certifications and licenses featured in their “About” page, ready for immediate background checks.

Individual translation professionals also feature their own individual certifications as fluent speakers of the language. They should have a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages (major in French), or underwent French electives during their elementary and high school years.

French translation professionals should not only be masters in the language; they must also be knowledgeable in French culture and society. Having knowledge in all things French would prove to be helpful as they will be able to use such information when translating documents.

Cost of French Translation Professionals

There is an obvious difference in the quality of professional work and regular translation, and at the same time different rates. It is quite normal to find professional translation work to be at a price per word, or per page (of around 200-500 words). It can be quite more expensive to secure services from French translation professionals, but they are truly effective especially when furnishing formal documents, technical papers and scientific/academic work.

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