French Translation Costs

The cost of English to French translation depends on the company that offers such services. It is therefore important to check the rates of the company that offers translation services, or if different rates apply to different documents.

General info: French Translation Costs

For most professional translations, prices vary per company, as well based on the number of words of the text document. When dealing with translators that charge per word, it is an imperative if the number of words to be paid is that of the original text or the translated text, so that a good estimate would be acquired by the client.

Getting Quotes

French translation costs also vary on the type of project to be handled, and most companies provide initial rates based on the translation service to be done. Among the common projects handled by company translations are business papers, legal documents and other formal papers. Since these projects come in bulk pages, translators find it more convenient to give quotes for the whole project, or begin with a fixed rate.

Technical translations, such as that for legal and scientific documents, tend to be more expensive than that of regular French translation mainly because of the specific jargon to be used on the text. There are times when French documents use a different document outline structure, and translation companies also offer such services to help customize the project to be in tuned to the reader’s specifications.

Charging per page is not common among professional translators. Company translation services make an estimated quote on the number of words per page at certain specifications (such as line spacing) before handing a price to their clients.

Proofreading services are also offered by most French translation companies. These may be standalone proofreading jobs or linked proofreading work to translations furbished by the same company or translator. Proofreading prices begin a $0.04 to $0.08 per word. Spelling, grammar and structure checks are conducted in proofreading jobs.

Package Deals – French translation costs

There are companies that offer fixed-rate packages when it comes to French translation costs services. These packages already include translation of the whole text as well as proofreading. Opting for such packages may be cheaper on the budget, but these are rather ideal for really bulk projects and not for smaller translations.

Average rates for packaged French translation services are difficult to estimate.

Pointers when Getting Quotes

When getting quotes, it is important to be clear about your intentions for the document.  A French translation that will be used for publication will be different than French translation that wil be used for internal review. Be honest about your needs so that you can get the right services for the amount of money that you have to spend.

It is not advisable to hire a second translator to correct your first translator out of habit. Find a trustworthy company and hire them without reservation, and you will save money and time.

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