French English Translation

French English translation is one of the most popular translation services offered today. Whether it is through machine translations, company translations or human translators, changing texts from French to English has proven to be common these days as French speakers are starting to open up with the rest of the global community, the same way English speakers reached out to those who use French as their mother tongue.

What to Look for in French English Translation

When looking for translation services from French to English, it is important to check out company and individual translator profiles. Knowing the reputation of both the company and translator will assure clients of better quality translations from one language to the other. Below are some points to use when searching for French English translators:

  • English to French only or including French to English translations? Most companies offer only English to French translations, and not vice versa. There are meanwhile companies that provide French English translations, but at higher rates.
  • Number of translators. Translation companies must also be able to feature their roster of translators in the French language. Having only one translator assigned for French projects can be quite difficult, as there is nobody else who would be able to conduct proofreading and editing than the translator himself.
  • Quality of translators. Translators for French to English (and vice versa) should be masters of both languages, meaning they are fluent in speaking French and English whenever necessary. Professional translators should have proper certifications, or proof of education in the realm of foreign languages. They should also have passed language proficiency exams before working as company translators.
  • Knowledge in themes and subjects. French English translators should not only be knowledgeable in the language, but as well as in the subject matter of the project to be translated. Translators assigned with French business proposals must have a background in business, so that their translated work would be reflective of the subject matter itself, and not just a direct translation of the original text.
  • Ability to do conversational translations. There are projects that require friendlier tones and conversational translations. These include manuals, training pamphlets, website content, letters and articles. Translators must be able to apply the appropriate voices or tones on the projects once they are moved from French to English. Not being able to do so may lose the essence of the text and in turn transform it into a mere collection of words that could not be understood. Maintaining the tone of the text also helps readers better realize the message of the text even if it has been translated from one language to another.

Cost of French English Translation

The costs of french-english translation is more expensive than that of English to French rates; this is because translators would have to switch to French first as their mother tongue before changing the text into English. Even professional translators find this work difficult, especially when they are native English speakers and not French.