Arabic Website Translation

Arabic Website Translation is one of the most in-demand translation works sought by online entrepreneurs and established businesses today. This is primarily because they get to reach out to frontier markets without the need of moving to their exact locations; by making their websites available in the Arabic language, they get to find a stable market base over 26 countries across the globe.

Benefits of Arabic Website Translation

There are a lot of benefits offered by Arabic website translations, and these include:

  • Increased ROI. There are over 200 million native Arabic speakers, and a good portion of them are internet users. By making websites available in the Arabic language, businesses and online entrepreneurs get to secure a stable market base which will boost their respective ventures.
  • Faster brand localization. A lot of Arabic internet users only go through pages and sites that use their language, as not all of them are able to understand English. Hence, by having websites translated in Arabic, businesses are able to introduce and localize their brand to this niche of subscribers.
  • Cheaper investment. Rather than broadcasting advertisements on print and TV, businesses, especially those from other countries, would rather work with websites as their main advertising tool. Setting up a website is cheap enough to start with, while translated pages would not heavily affect the overhead expenses.

Arabic Website Translation - Requirements for Translation Professionals

Teams who are going to work on Arabic website translation projects would have to provide the following:

  • Fluency in both English and Arabic. They must be able to translate works from English to Arabic and vice versa in both formal and conversational styles. This is because they have to attract audiences to check out the websites they are translating and not just perform direct transliterations.
  • Knowledge in website development tools. They should as well be knowledgeable in using different tools and programs in which they will apply their translated texts. These include programs that create plug-ins, blogging modules, database software, etc.

The people who will work on website translation projects must have a good technical background in web development. They should be graduates of information technology and other related courses, or have undergone website development training and adequate work experience in the said field.

Timeframe for Arabic Website Translation

Arabic website translation usually takes a month or two to finish, depending on the size of the website. For simple websites that are required to have automated Arabic translations, work should be ongoing and must be updated on a regular basis. However, translating bigger websites may take more time to complete, as each page will need a corresponding translation in order to accommodate target audiences.

Websites that also include registration or sign-up forms require the creation of a new database that covers Arabic Translation. This way, new subscribers are capable of filling up entry forms in the Arabic writing system, and their details will be stored on the server in their original form.  If this feature will be included in the website, the longer time needed for the translation to complete.