Arabic Translation Countries

Arabic is the third most used language in the world. While only behind English and French, this language holds an important status not only as a type of lingua franca, but as mode of communication for various documents created through history. Arabic was used for a number of sacred scriptures, such as the Bible and Qur’an, as well as for the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other writings by scholars in continents such as Africa, Asia and Europe.

At present, Arabic is held as the official language of 26 different states and is regulated by 11 distinct language academies and ministries across the globe.

Arabic Translation Countries – Countries that Speak Arabic in Africa

Africa contains the largest populations that speak Arabic, most of which lie on the northern areas of the continent. Egypt is the country which contains the most number of Arabic speakers, at almost 80,000,000. It is followed by Sudan at over 44,000,000 speakers, Algeria at 35,000,000 and Morocco at 32,000,000.

Smaller Northern and Central African states also use Arabic as their official language and mother tongue. Among them includes Syria at 22,500,000 speakers, Tunisia at 10,500,000, Chad at 10,300,000, Somalia at 9,400,000, Libya at 6,420,000, Eritrea at 5,200,000, Mauritania at 3,300,000, Djibouti at 864,000 and Comoros at 700,000.

Arabic Translation Countries - Countries that Speak Arabic in Asia

The Arabic language holds a more important status in Asian countries. The language covers countries in the Middle East, such as Yemen with 23,600,000 speakers, Saudi Arabia with 25,700,000, Iraq at 31,200,000, Israel at 7,600,000, Jordan at 6,400,000, Kuwait at 3,500,000, Lebanon at 4,200,000, Oman at 2,900,000, Palestine at 4,100,000, Qatar at 1,700,000, United Arab Emirates at 5,000,000, and Bahrain at 807,000.

Significance of the Arabic Language

The Arabic language is highly important not only because it is used as the main form of communication in the abovementioned countries, but because it is the only language present in the said territories. Foreign languages, such as English, are only taught in universities and institutions which offer higher education. Also, college education in majority of these countries are remain to be available only to men, while women who pursue college degrees are those from upper classes or those who have studied abroad.

In addition, Arabic is continued to be used in the Muslim community. The Qur’an remains to be written in the language, and its teachings are constantly translated to English so that they will be understood by those who are interested in learning more about the Islamic faith.

The Arabic language is used in all legal forms and documents in the countries that speak the language, as well as in public signs, directions and the media. Foreign documents are required to be translated to the language in order to be accepted by government laws and other authorized agencies.

Arabic Translation Services

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