Arabic Patent Translation

One of the most difficult translation projects that deal with the Arabic language is patent translation. Indeed there are a lot of businesses that would want to make their mark in Arabic-speaking markets, as these frontiers continue to be untouched by the global scene.

There are many reasons as to why Arabic patent translations tend to be challenging, and these include the differences patent requirements and timeframes among the countries that use the language, the transposition from the Roman writing system to Arabic writing system, and the legal protocols that have to be met during the translation process.

Arabic Patent Translation – Patent Requirements

When a foreign individual or business firm submits documents for patent validation, they are required to have their papers translated to Arabic. Each country has its own specific details on the papers to submit, how they should be submitted for translation, and the timeframe for submission of patent translations.

The usual deadline of submission of translated patent papers is three months from the time they were filed. Translated patent documents must be presented together with their original forms, and must as well be certified by a qualified Arabic language regulating official. For business firms that opt for manual processing, they might have to visit the governing agencies that handle translations, or in consulates of the countries in which they will file their patents.

Online Patent Translation Services

Online Arabic patent translation services are handled by teams. Among the phases in which the patent documents will go through are:

  • Sorting of documents. The papers submitted for translation will be sorted in accordance of necessity. This is for the translation work to be accurate and in compliance with the prescribed protocols of the country in which the patent will be validated. The papers which will not be used for validation will be returned to the client and no translation fees will be charged.
  • Translation of required documents. Once the sorting is complete, the necessary documents will undergo legal translation to be done by translators who also have knowledge in patent laws in different Arabic-speaking countries. This takes quite a few days to complete.
  • Notarization/Certification. The translated documents will then be certified by language regulation officials employed by the translation service company. These officials have been duly recognized as capable of approving and certifying such papers for patent validation. Once the certification of the documents is complete, they will then be sent to the client through courier service.

Arabic Patent Translation Timeframes

Arabic patent translation usually takes between 10-20 days to complete, depending on the number of papers to be translated to the said language. Some clients may request for rush translations, thus the delivery of the papers may be done within 10 business days.

The costs of Arabic patent translations vary depending on the number of papers to be translated into the language, the type of courier service to be used and notarization fees. Clients who request for rush translations may have to pay extra fees to receive their papers at an earlier date.