HR Translation Services

Your company or organization may benefit greatly by offering your job training, safety courses or employee handbooks in languages in addition to English. Your workforce

If HR translation could lower job training costs by just 10%, how much would your save this month?

Training new employees is an expensive and time-consuming process for many companies.  Consultant Todd Drummond estimates that new employees work for 3-6 weeks before they are productive. Non-English speaking employees, or new hires who do speak English but for whom English is not their first language, are likely to take longer to get to to speed and will therefore cost the company significantly more before they are able to contribute to the organization’s profits.

HR translation is a cost-effective solution to speed up training of new hires as translated materials are purchased once and can be used with any number of employees. As your HR manuals are updated, incremental translations at negligible cost can be ordered to bring your materials up to date.

How safe are your safety instructions if your employees don’t understand everything?

Ensuring the safety of your job site is affordable with HR translation services that address posted signage, hazardous materials and other important instructions for maintaining the integrity of your workplace.  If your safety training videos are in English, providing Spanish subtitles is a fast and easy way to provide a through educational experience for your workforce.

“The cost of HR translation is about 1% of the cost of just one accident  on our factory floor. It is the cheapest insurance we have ever purchased.”
Arthur P. Chief Operations Officer, RPM Manufacturing

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