Employee Handbook Translation

You may be legally required to provide
an employee handbook translation to your team.

  • Fast 2-3 day service
  • Certified translators
  • Guaranteed– Arrives with a Notarized Certificate of Accuracy

Employee handbook translation does not have to be a difficult or expensive task. Your company or organization’s HR materials can be translated quickly and easily into any of 99 languages.

Placing your order for employee handbook translation is simple and quick.

1. Evaluation of Human Resources Materials for Translation

Your first step in ordering translation services will be to submit the employee handbook, as well as any other documentation that your Human Resources microsoftproductssettlement department will need to have translated. Our team can review your package and give you an accurate time frame as well as budget to expect for the translation process. The Department of Labor does provide some resources in Spanish.

2. Selection of Languages for Employee Handbook Translation

Depending on the composition and preferences of your workforce, you may elect to translate your documents into one or more languages. The most popular languages for human resources translation are Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. However, some employers find that translations into Polish, Italian or Russian are also needed for their employees. Before ordering employee handbook translation for your company, survey your team and determine your needs. Also, make sure to consult your managers and make note of any trends or expected upcoming changes in the composition of your workforce.

3. Acceptance and Distribution of Bilingual Human Resources Translation

Your new Employee Handbook translations will arrive within a few daysmicrosoftproductssettlement of placing your order. Upon arrival, your Human Resources manager should catalog the new materials and schedule a time to meet with the workforce individuals or in small groups to distribute the new materials and confirm that the employees understand all of the information. Your employee handbook is an important document and resource for communicating clear expectations to your workforce.

Professional Translation Team

TTD, The Translation Department, has provided high-quality translations of employee handbooks to companies since 1979.